Fencing & Hurdles

All our willow hurdles are made here with willow grown on our Somerset farm. They provide beautiful natural cover in gardens, on farms or as decorative trellises. We offer willow fencing in a variety of styles and also a completely bespoke, made to measure fencing service. We also provide bulk-buy discounts on our panels should you need to cover a large area. The intricate weaving of the panels provides fantastic cover but also allows wind to blow through the gaps which means the panels are more resistant to wind damage. Willow fencing hurdles are ideal to use as wind breaks in any area. 

At this time of year, standard sizes are usually made to order. Therefore, please allow 4 - 5 weeks for dispatch.

Bespoke sizes to your specific requirements are available in the Framed willow panels and Ribbon panels only.

Most machine made fences will act as a funnel, causing the wind to gush in concentrated areas at them, which causes so many to be blown down in strong gusts. Hurdles have natural gaps between the weave, allowing wind to blow through them rather than at them, diffusing its force right across the hurdle evenly. As such these are ideal as wind breaks and can be fitted easily to fence posts.

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