Living Willow Structures

Explore our range of living willow structures, made from willow grown right here on our Somerset farm.

Our DIY living willow structures are simple to construct and will look beautiful for years to come. As time goes by, a living willow structure will continue to grow – it’s a constantly evolving piece of outdoor art. New shoots will sprout that can be pruned or woven into the structure to fill any gaps. 

All our DIY kits include everything you need to create a beautiful living willow structure and full assembly instructions. 

Living willow ‘fedge’ fencing

Living willow fences (or ‘fedges’) are simple to construct and perfect for screening and dividing outdoor areas. They also make for an effective windbreak, naturally slowing wind down as it passes through the woven fence. Windows can be created in our living willow fences to invite natural light.

Living willow dome

A living willow dome is a fantastic, versatile structure. Quick and easy to construct, building it is a great activity for children and adults alike. They can also be joined to living willow tunnels to create a covered pathway to your dome.

Living willow tunnels and arches

A living willow tunnel is perfect for enclosing a footpath or creating a fun place for children to explore. Simple to construct, your living willow tunnel can be made as high or long as you need it to be. It can also be joined to our living willow dome to create a sheltered spot from the sun.

We also offer short tunnels of around 1m in depth to create living willow arches, perfect for making beautiful connection points in your outdoor space.

Living willow arbour

Want to build a lovely living willow arbour? Our DIY arbour kit is ideal. Create a shady spot over a bench, and weave in additional willow rods for colour variation. You can also cover your living willow arbour with climbing plants for a different look.

Why choose our living willow?

  • Award-winning family business
  • Made with willow grown on our farm
  • Beautiful & practical
  • Unique willow knowledge & expertise

Living Willow Structures

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