Our specialist willow knowledge and expertise ensure that each crop is of the very highest quality.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of willow rods are harvested, hand sorted and graded on our farm.

Natural processes such as boiling, steaming and stripping are used to produce a range of finishes.

Why choose our willow?

  • Award-winning family business
  • 4th generation Somerset willow growers
  • Unique willow knowledge & expertise
  • 60+ varieties grown on nearly 200 acres
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable crop

The willow season

The willow harvest begins in the winter and can last into March.

Willow, when first harvested, is green (fresh cut). As willow dries it becomes semi-dry and then dry (brown). Steaming and boiling can dramatically alter the colour and feel of a willow rod.

Willow is measured against a rule marked in foot increments, so a 4ft bundle may contain a range of rods from 3ft to 4ft in length. Willow is sold in bundles and half bundles. A traditional Somerset bundle measures 1ft in diameter and 3ft 1″ to 3ft 2″ in circumference around the butt (bottom) end. Some willow varieties are also available in 1kg bundles.

Help & Advice

Our Help & Advice section contains a wealth of specialist willow information

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