Tucked away in the heart of rural Somerset, for decades our family have been growers of top-quality willow perfect for weaving.

Musgrove Willows are an award-winning family business, spanning four generations of Somerset willow growers. We grow over 60 different varieties of willow on our 200-acre farm. We then use natural processes such as boiling, steaming, and willow stripping to produce a range of unique finishes.

We grow willow using a combination of traditional and modern methods to create a sustainable, beautiful end product. Every year, we harvest, hand-sort, and grade thousands of willow rods.

The willow season

The willow harvest begins in the winter and can last into March.

Fresh cut willow is green when it’s first harvested, then dries to become brown. Following this, steaming and boiling can alter the colour and feel of a willow rod in eye-catching ways.

Our willow is great for weaving projects of all shapes and sizes. We have lots of different varieties specially treated to suit different purposes. From willow perfect for basketry, fencing, and sculptures, to lanterns and craft projects. The only limit when it comes to willow is your imagination.

Traditional willow bundles

Our willow bundles are weighed out based on the Traditional Somerset bundle and half bundles. A traditional Somerset willow bundle measures 1ft in diameter, and just over 3ft in circumference around the bottom end. 

Willow is sold by weight; each length and type of willow varies in weight –⁠ so different varieties of willow bundles will have more rods. Some of our willow is also available in 1kg bundles.

Why choose our willow?

  • Award-winning family business
  • 4th generation Somerset willow growers
  • Unique willow knowledge & expertise
  • 60+ varieties grown on 200 acres
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable crop


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