About Musgrove Willows

The Musgrove name has long been synonymous with willow. For decades, the Musgrove family has grown willow in Somerset and produced a wide range of high quality willow products.

  • Family business spanning four generations
  • Growing & supplying willow for nearly 100 years
  • Award-winning products & service
  • Talented team of onsite willow weavers

The Past

Our story begins in the 1920s when Arthur ‘Sam’ Musgrove bought a cottage with a small plot of land on the Somerset Levels for £100. The price included an industrial boiler for willow.

Sam began by cutting willow sticks for furniture.

The Present

Nearly 100 years and four generations later, Musgrove Willows is supplying willow and willow products to customers all over the world.

Today, Musgrove Willows grow more than 60 different varieties of willow on around 200 acres of Somerset farmland. Many of the tried and tested processes (including boiling) are still used by the Musgrove family.

Willow is still sorted and graded by hand. A machine is yet to be invented that can do it better!

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