Specialist knowledge

A great deal of knowledge and expertise is needed to grow, harvest and weave willow. While many processes have not changed in nearly a century, other tasks have been made simpler and quicker with the introduction of specialist machinery.

Around 18,000 willow cuttings are needed to plant a single acre – a task which used to be done by hand!

  • Family business with unique willow knowledge
  • Growing & supplying willow for nearly a century
  • Award-winning people, products & service
  • See our talented weavers in action

Welcoming young & old

People from all walks of life have visited our farm to learn more about willow – an  incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly crop. It has been lovely to welcome schools, funeral directors, budding weavers, families and other willow growers.

In 2021, CNN came to film an educational piece on sustainable burials. The piece, for the Call to Earth series, featured our willow coffins and an interview with Managing Director, Ellen Musgrove.

Arrange a visit

In this age of COVID sensible precautions are in place. There is a great deal to see outdoors. Facilities include spacious rooms for weaving and eating and plenty of free parking. This is a working farm, so care needs to be taken on our premises.

If you are interested in arranging an educational visit, please get in touch. All educational visits need to be booked in advance. Depending on the itinerary there may be a charge. Please contact us for a quote.

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