Willow Art Charcoal

We make high quality willow art charcoal sticks in a range of different thicknesses, using willow grown in our fields.

At Musgrove, we have been making willow art charcoal on our family farm for decades. Over the years, we’ve honed our burning methods and timings to produce the very best willow charcoal in a range of different thicknesses.

Our techniques are a closely guarded secret, but one thing never changes: only willow grown on our farm is used in the burning process. We guarantee the excellent quality of our art charcoal, and sort and grade each charcoal stick by hand.

Professional artists and hobbyists alike use our charcoal sticks to create stunning pieces of art. Willow art charcoal is soft and forgiving, whilst retaining strength and power – it’s incredibly versatile. Smudging and blending can produce endless different tones and styles, making it a perfect drawing charcoal.

We offer our charcoal in a range of different sizes: from thin sticks (3-4mm thick) to jumbo sticks (20+mm thick).

Musgrove also supply our top quality willow art charcoal to art shops, museum shops, colleges, and more. We welcome trade and bulk orders of our charcoal – just contact us to find out more.

  • High quality charcoal
  • Made on our farm
  • Willow is a sustainable & eco-friendly crop
  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Trade orders welcome

Willow Art Charcoal

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