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From time to time me may have surplus stock or seconds willow which is suitable for rough basketry, lantern making or hurdles. Please check regularly to see our most recent offers.

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5FT Buff Willow Rods 4KG -  Seconds
6FT Buff Willow Rods 5KG - Seconds
Hurdle Willow Dry - Seconds
Small Brown Sticks - 10KG
Small Steamed Sticks - 10KG
Medium Brown Sticks - 10KG
Medium Steamed Sticks - 10KG
Large Brown Sticks - 10KG
Large Steamed Sticks - 10KG
Willow Wicker Screening 1m x 3m
Willow Wicker Screening 1.5m x 3m
Willow Wicker Screening 2m x 3m
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