Living Willow

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The Musgrove family call on four generations of experience growing and working with a wide variety of willow. We supply only the freshest cut, disease resistant and viable willow for planting. If you are looking to buy living willow, we can help.

Willow for living willow structures, for landscaping and to stop soil erosion can all be supplied.

Whether you fancy planting a willow bed, building a decorative garden fedge, or making a tunnel for children to play in, Musgrove Willows can help. We have many varieties of living willow to choose from and also supply DIY living willow kits.

Our living willow courses are also very popular. These take place from January to March. If you need help or advice, please get in touch.

Planting living willow

The best time for planting is December through to early April. Ensure that the soil is well prepared to provide a good structure for the new willow to become established. For more useful tips, read our blog on planting willow cuttings.

We also stock a comprehensive array of specialist tools and other useful items. These include; ground cover, pegs and flexitie.

Useful willow guides to download

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How to make a fedge (living hedge)

How to make a willow tunnel

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