Living Willow

The Musgrove family call on 4 generations of experience working with and growing a wide variety of high quality willow. We supply only the freshest cut, disease resistant and viable willow for planting.

We supply willow for living willow structures, willow for landscaping, soil erosion and for adding rustic charm to your garden.

Whether you want to plant your very own willow bed, build your own decorative garden fedge, arbour or a dome or tunnel for the children's play area, we have many varieties of living willow for you to choose from, as well as our own DIY Living Willow Kits.

We also provide living willow courses which are very popular, in January to March and we are always at the end of the phone should you wish to contact us for any help or advice.

The best time for planting is December through to early April. You must ensure that the soil is well prepared to provide a good structure for your new willow to become established. We also sell everything you need to assist you with your project such as ground cover, pegs and flexitie which can be fund in  the tools section.

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Domes Teepee Leaflet

Fedge (living hedge) Leaflet

Tunnels Leaflet

Arbours Leaflet


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