Whissender Brown Willow 5 Foot Rods

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Whissender Brown Willow 5 Foot Rods

Approx number of rods per KG - 85

Whissender is a very popular willow which grows stouter than Black Maul or Noir De Villaine but achieves 8-9ft. Unfortuantely not as flexible as Black Maul but still one of the most widely used basketry willows. A striking lime green/yellow colour when first cut but its bark does lose some of it's colour when dried to a warm brown/yellow colour unlike the green of Black Maul.



5 days

Mellow Overnight
  • Weavable
  • Soak for 5 days
  • Mellow overnight


Colour Green / Brown
Usage Basketry Work,
Weavable Yes
Soaking Instructions 3 Days
Number of rods Approx: 85 rods per KG

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