Tunnel Kit - 2m Long Delivery Included

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Tunnel Kit - 2m Long Delivery Included

Immediate dispatch available    * Delivery is included in the price

Willow provided in the kit may vary depending on availability, however the following will normally be provided:

16 x 10ft+ HB2 Living willow rods

60 x 7-9ft Flander Red living willow rods

1.5kg x 3ft Black Maul willow

3kg x 7ft black Maul willow rods

If you would like to build a living tunnel or archway maybe this is the kit for you. We will provide enough material to build a 2m (6ft 6") long 90cm - 1.2m (3-4ft) wide, 1.8m (6ft) high tunnel. Suitable for all ages. Instructions supplied. High disease resistant material supplied.

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