6FT Steamed Willow Rods

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6FT Steamed Willow Rods

Approx no. of rods per KG - 65

Natural Brown (Black Maul variety) of dried willow that has been processed in the boiler for a short period of time. This process releases the tanins in the willow and stains the willow bark a dark chocolate to black colour.The bark remains on the willow rod and it is then dried again.

Over Soaking of Steamed Willow will cause the bark to shred and the willow to become greasy to the touch. External weather conitions sucj are extreme cold or very warm weather will have a bearing on your soaking times. It may take longer in colder weather and shorter time in warmer weather.


4-5 days

Mellow Overnight
  • Weavable
  • Soak for 4-5 days
  • Mellow overnight

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