5FT Steamed Willow Rods

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Approx no. of rods per KG - 85

Natural Brown (Black Maul variety) of dried willow that has been processed in the boiler for a short period of time. This process releases the tanins in the willow and stains the willow bark a dark chocolate to black colour.The bark remains on the willow rod and it is then dried again.

Over Soaking of Steamed Willow will cause the bark to shred and the willow to become greasy to the touch. External weather conitions sucj are extreme cold or very warm weather will have a bearing on your soaking times. It may take longer in colder weather and shorter time in warmer weather.


4-5 days

Mellow Overnight
  • Weavable
  • Soak for 4-5 days
  • Mellow overnight

Why is willow sold by weight? How many rods will I receive?

Delivery companies these days charge for sending items through their networks either by item weight and/ or dimension (size).

When tying up any willow orders, either for shipping through the courier network or for collection from the farm we accurately weigh out the willow rods from 1kg, 5kg, 10kg etc. Our machines are regularly calibrated and certified to be accurate. The number of rods within each of these weights is always approximate and cannot be guaranteed; only the weight of an item can be guaranteed.

Historically willow bundles were tied up by a measurement of 1 foot in diameter and 3 foot 1 inch - 3 foot 2 inches in circumference around the butt end, the base of the bundle. The number of willow rods contained within these bundles would vary depending on the thickness of the willow, whether the rods had come from on old withy bed or a new one where they may grow thicker and sleeker. This is still true today.

At each new cutting season, we tie up a number of Traditional bundles of willow of all the varieties we sell, green willow, buff, brown etc. , weigh them and count the number of rods contained within those bundles. We then take an average weight and approx. number of rods per bundle for our records and use these as a guideline throughout the year. This helps people who do not know how much they are purchasing what they are likely to receive from us.

You will always receive an exact amount of weight of willow and NOT an exact amount of rods per bundle that you purchase.

If the number of rods you need is critical we advise that you order more than is required to allow for variances’ in growth and thickness of the willow and in case of breakages during your project.

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