Large log or dog basket (2 Day)

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2 day Dogs or Logs Round or Oval Basket (working bigger)  

Learn how to make a dog basket or a large log basket- you choose, the log basket is more challenging in terms of volume of weave & control, the dog basket, whilst smaller, allows concentration on packing, border shaping & working with stouter rods.

We will be working from a plywood base which is not only stronger & stops bits falling out of the bottom it allows you to concentrate on learning:

  • selecting rods for weavers & stakes
  • staking up
  • designing & shape control working larger
  • rope weave
  • herringbone weave
  • French or zig zag French
  • packing weaves
  • 3 rod wales & how to produce chase wales, pull down wales, drop 4 rod to 3 rod wales, invisible joins, continuous thickness wale & chevron wales
  • 6 behind 2 borders
  • creating opportunities for handles (log basket) feet (dog basket)
  • trimming & tidying the basket

Please note:
Perfect for intermediates who have made roundwork baskets & want to develop style, control & learn new weaves..
Please note you need a good level of manual dexterity in your fingers.
Should you have any specific needs please make us aware before attending the course.

What do I need to bring?
Glasses (if you need them for close-up work).
Notebook and pen if you wish to make notes, but e-notes and links will be sent after the workshop.
Old clothes, covered, flat shoes (no sandals or open toes), something to tie hair back with (if needed).

Course leader: Rachel Hutton
Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Lunch provided: Yes

Tea, coffee, soup and cake will be provided (GF, DF and VG friendly).
Please feel free to bring your own packed lunch.

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