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The border is often the hardest bit of the basket to master & usually the thing you do when you are most tired.

We will spend the day looking at when to use & how to produce behind 1 or 2 borders & in front of 3,4,5 or 6 rods. You will master how to weave the last rods without kinking, how to produce trac/follow on borders & for those of you with more weaving experience we can also look at plait borders.

We will also be exploring different types/varieties of willow to experience ‘slip or grip’ borders. There will be an opportunity to explore willow varieties you may not have used before including our exclusive Buff Noir.

Mastering borders only takes place with repetition/practice. We will be working on bordering boards & producing sample ‘collars’ of each type of border

Suitable for those intermediate students with weaving experience of a number of baskets who want to develop their skills.

Please note:

  • this course is physically demanding & you need a good degree of manual dexterity

What do I need to bring?

Glasses (if you need them for close-up work).
Notebook and pen if you wish to make notes, but e-notes and links will be sent after the workshop.
Old clothes, covered, flat shoes (no sandals or open toes), something to tie hair back with (if needed).

Course leader: Rachel Hutton
Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Lunch provided: Yes

Tea, coffee, soup and cake will be provided (GF, DF and VG friendly).
Please feel free to bring your own packed lunch.

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