Oval Shopper Baskets 2 Days

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Oval Shopper 2 Day Workshop


This course has been designed for anyone wanting to have a go at oval work having already gained some experience of round work. This is also a good opportunity for improvers to polish their skills, learn new weaves and try out new borders and different ways of creating handles.

On the first day you will be shown how to make a great oval base as only a great base leads to a great basket, working from a basic recipe you will be encouraged to make several bases and prepare all the necessary materials to make your shopper the following day. On the second day you will be instructed on how to stake up and upset your basket, following this you can either stick to the recipe or get creative mixing different techniques and weaves to create your own perfect design. Once your basket is bordered you will be shown how to cut and insert a handle bow and then you can chose from a variety of handle finishes to truly complete your unique shopper.

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