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In this comprehensive video tutorial you’ll learn how to make a stunning willow basket with willow base. The sections contain detailed instructions on;

Making the base, Inserting side stakes / Pricking up, Upsetting, Siding weave, Bordering and Finishing off.

You will be shown how to rectify mistakes and learn techniques that make willow weaving simple. By the end of the video you will be weaving a base, using a French Rand weave and trimming like an expert! You should also be the proud owner of a beautiful willow basket.

Watch the trailer here

Enjoy over 2 hours of high quality tuition. Three different camera angles make it easy to follow the expert commentary and guidance. Detailed running orders and a Glossary of Terms are also included.

Priced at £54.86 excluding VAT (approx. US$69.50 excluding VAT), this online video is a fantastic introduction to weaving with willow. Please be aware that the video will be available to stream for 30 days once you first click to play it. You can even gift the video tutorial.

The willow packs below have been specifically designed to accompany the video. Each pack contains enough willow for 2 baskets plus plenty of spares! Buying larger bundles of willow is often more cost-effective. View all our willow.

Please be aware that the willow will need soaking before weaving. Read our soaking guide. Individual, handmade specialist tools also stocked.

Alternatively, you can rent just the 'Making the base' section or the chapter on 'Bordering. Either can be rented for £15 exc. VAT (around US$18.50) for a period of 60 days.


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