How to soak Caledendron brown (dry) willow

Caledendron willow rods are a little thicker than varieties such as Black Maul, Brittany Green and Dicky Meadows and, as a result, need to soak for longer.

Caledendron willow rods

Soaking isn’t an exact science. While the usual rule of thumb for soaking brown (dry) willow is around 1 day per foot, 5ft Caledendron rods may require 7 – 8 days soaking prior to mellowing.

The willow needs to mellow to allow the rod to relax and soften. The inside of the rod should be wet while the outside is slightly dry. If the rod breaks or cracks, it hasn’t been soaked for long enough. If the skin peels or flakes off, it has been oversoaked. (To remedy oversoaking, stand the willow rods upright and allow to dry.)

When soaked and mellowed correctly, Caledendron rods are extremely flexible.

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