Planting your own living willow structures

Making your own living willow structure can be highly rewarding. We recommend planting living willow structures between January and early April.

We offer a wide range of willow suitable for living structures, for landscaping, to prevent soil erosion and willow for adding something special to a garden. Living willow is available from January through to early April. We also run living willow courses.

Types of living willow

Caledendron willow rods are rather striking due to their colouring of red, purple and brown bark.This type of living willow can make any willow project look spectacular.

Flanders Red willow can be used for many different types of project. The rods are very waxy skinned and vary in colour from green to red at the tip. This type of living willow can easily grow 9+ feet. Flanders Red is excellent as a living willow. It is often used for bank revetment projects or to prevent soil erosion. This willow is very hardy, so it is a great choice for fencing - such as wicker fencing panels and traditional willow hurdles.  Flanders Red can also be used in basketry projects.

Hybrid Disease Resistant Variety 1 is a rod that was bred in Sweden.It is a warm brown rather smooth rod which is surprisingly slim for its length. This type of living willow is suitable for all living willow projects as it is highly disease resistant and also very durable. However, this willow is not recommended for chalk and very free draining soils.

Hybrid Disease Resistant Variety 2 is also a Swedish bred rod. It is very thick stemmed and has a furry feel making it an ideal living willow to use in children’s projects for schools etc. This willow can be used to create domes, tunnels, and play areas. This rod is stouter than Hybrid Variety 1.

Living willow kits are a fantastic way to create something unique and rustic and a really fun activity for children. Our living willow kits include;

  • The arbour kit - This kit enables you to create a beautiful looking shelter over a bench or chairs
  • The 2 metre and 3 metre dome kits - These are brilliant kits for schools and children to enjoy
  • 6ft fedge kit -  A very decorative screen kit which can be covered in lovely growth during the summer
  • 2 metre & 3 metre long tunnel kits - Another excellent kit for children to use

These living willow kits include the materials and specific construction instructions to enable you to create a masterpiece!

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