How to make tissue paper flowers

Whether you are a craft enthusiast or finding ways to entertain children, making tissue paper flowers is simple and inexpensive. They can be created as a thoughtful gift, party décor or adding something unique to display within your home. Tissue paper flowers is very diverse and can be tailored with a combination of different coloured tissue paper. Here is a simple guide on how to make something that is delicate with something that looks beautiful.

Materials you need

  • 12 sheets Tissue paper in a variety of colours (20”x26” or 20”x30”)
  • 12 coloured floral wire or pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • A vase

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How to create

  1.  Unfold your tissue paper and lay it flat in a portrait position one on top of the other in a combination of colours
  2.  Create an accordion effect by starting to fold the edge of the tissue paper in over 1 inch. Repeat this step by turning the selection of tissue paper over and fold it back on the other side. Continue this process 1 inch at a time until it is complete.
  3. With the folded tissue paper fold again in half. Get your pipe cleaner or floral wire and fold it one and half inches at the top. With the folded pipe cleaner or floral wire twist it in the center of the folded tissue paper. Repeat this process on the either side of the tissue paper making sure there is 6-7 inches’ space between each pipe cleaner or floral wire from the center. By placing the stem on opposite sides of the tissue paper, it will give different color combinations.
  4.  Cut the tissue paper into three equal pieces (approximately 6-7 inches) making sure the pipe cleaners are in the center.
  5. On the edges of each piece of tissue paper, cut a rounded edge or leaf shaped tip. Save the paper trimmings in a vase for extra decoration.
  6. By holding the stem of the flower, gently open the folded tissue paper by starting with the top layer pulling it in an upward direction. With the other layers separate them by pulling one layer upwards towards the top layer and pulling the next layer downwards. If you have decided to use more than three layers of tissue paper, the last layer should be pulled downwards. Repeat this process with all the prepared tissue paper. With each flower, carefully tease the tissue paper to the shape you require.
  7. Now that your tissue flowers are ready, you can place them within the vase by slightly bending the stems to give a more realistic shape. Adjust the flowers to the acquired design. By having the cut tissue paper within the vase will help support each stem and make a colorful decoration within the vase.

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Tissue paper flowers can be created in many colours and in a variety of sizes and ways. They can be adapted in many ways and decorated with stickers, glitter and sequins or simply sprayed gently with a scent to give a floral smell. They are the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day or birthdays adding that personal touch to the celebration. Children of all ages will enjoy making these simple and beautiful creations at a low cost.