Awarded FFMA Protocol Testing 2017

On the 12th January 2017, Musgrove Willow Ltd received accreditation from the FFMA (Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association) - all our coffins had passed and were awarded the protocol testing certification. With many years of experience of lovingly crafting environmentally friendly willow coffins, Musgrove Willow Ltd are celebrating our exciting achievement.

A range of handwoven willow coffins including the traditional and curved ended coffins were sent for testing. By conducting a rigorous testing procedure including weight, strength, ignition, residue and auto charging the FFMA could determine whether Musgrove Willows Ltd met the funeral and cremation requirements.

By assessing the technical structure and legislation of the FFMA all tests conducted were successful and the coffins were declared fit for purpose. Musgrove Willow Coffins are delighted that they passed with flying colours! This is a positive step for Musgrove Willows and a great start for 2017!

All of Musgrove Willows coffins are environmentally friendly and have been lovingly constructed with sustainable willow harvested in and around the Somerset Levels. We provide a wide variety of willow coffins from traditional shaped, curved or a bespoke design. For our range of handcrafted coffins please visit: