Hurdle Willow

Long willow rods suitable for making hurdle fencing panels and for insitu fencing.

7 ft - 9 ft (2m-2.4m) long lengths of willow suitable for weaving hurdle fence panels, insitu fencing, roundhouses and wattle panels.

Dry hurdle wads will require soaking for approx 7 days in cold water to make pliable again. Each dry hurdle willow wad will weigh approximately 7kg.

Green fresh cut hurdle wads will weigh approx 10kg.  Green fresh cut hurdle wads require No Soaking.

You will need 2.5 - 3 hurdle wads to make a 6ft x 6ft (1.8mx 1.8m) hurdle panel. (Dry or Green) depending on tightness of weave.

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Hurdle Willow Dry
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