How to Use Wet Strength Tissue

White wet strength tissue paper should be laid over your willow frame. You could put cling film over it to make things easier, but this is not necessary. There are two different ways of applying the tissue.

The tissue can be scrunched up, dunked in your glue mixture, excess glue squeezed out and gently unfolded and draped over your frame.

Alternatively, use a pasting table and with either a sponge or paint brush make the tissue wet with your glue mixture. Next, lift off the table gently and wrap around your frame. You might find it easier to tear the tissue sheets in half (or in strips for small lanterns) before you wet them. This makes the tissue easier to handle.

Try and pull the tissue as tight over the frame as possible and wrap it around the rods back on itself where there is a gap. Overlap the tissue and stick it to itself. You may want to have two layers of white wet strength tissue to make the lantern strong. The tissue will dry tight like a drum. Once fully dry you can add decoration.

Coloured tissue is the strongest tissue we can find that is colour run resistant. It has to be handled a lot more delicately than the white wet strength tissue. It must always be laid over either white wet strength tissue or cling film. Coloured tissue can be applied to a damp or dry lantern. Tear off strips or cut out shapes from the coloured tissue, lay on the lantern and gently brush or sponge over with a little glue mixture until the coloured tissue sticks to your base tissue.

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