How to weave a round willow basket

The video tutorials below will teach you how to weave a your own unique round willow basket. Each of the six videos focuses on a specific skill; Weaving the base, inserting side stakes, upsetting, siding weave (French Rand), bordering and finishing off. Enjoy over two hours of expert tuition – all completely free of charge.

Multiple camera angles and clear, concise commentary make these tutorials a great introduction to basket weaving. Rachel Hutton is a highly experienced basket maker who taught weaving classes here at Musgrove Willows for over a decade. Her relaxed manner and simple instructions make the weaving journey a pleasurable one.

Green willow has been used in the demonstrations. Brown, buff, steamed and/or white rods are more suitable. A 1kg bundle of 4ft and a 1kg bundle of 5ft willow is more than enough to make this basket. The basket base is approximately 8 inches (around 20cms) in diameter. Happy weaving!

Part 1 – Weaving the base


Part 2 – Inserting side stakes


Part 3 – Upsetting


Part 4 – Siding weave


Part 5 – Bordering


Part 6 – Finishing off

  • Free to view
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Highly experienced tutor
  • Multiple camera angles
  • A great introduction to willow weaving

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