Handbag Basketry

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This course has been designed for beginners but even experienced weavers will enjoy the opportunity to create this gorgeous little handbag. Not to exclude all the gentlemen out there, Ladies love their bags so imagine the delight from your loved one when given a stunning little bag made by you, also the recipe can be adapted to make something far more manly like a gathering basket for those foraging trips to the countryside.

Using a mixture of materials predominantly natural willows you will be instructed in the use of a screw block to make decorative panels which will then be hinged together and a liner inserted to create the bag shape. Students will be able to choose from a range of neutral coloured liners, but will be encouraged to bring any embellishments they think will work well for their bags, these can be wool, fabric, rush, wire, buttons, beads etc. The handles of the bag are woven in but shoulder straps in neutral colours will be available if needed.  

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