Dome/Teppe Kit - 2m Diameter Delivery Included

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Dome/Teppe Kit - 2m Diameter Delivery Included

* Delivery is included in the price

Willow provided in the kit may vary depending on availability, however the following will normally be provided:

21 x 10ft+ HB2 Living willow rods

50 x 7-9ft Flander Red living willow rods

1.5kg x 3ft Black Maul willow

3kg x 7ft Black Maul willow rods

You will receive suffieicent living willow rods to achieve a 2m (6ft 7") diameter, 1.8m (6ft) high dome with a doorway of 0.8m (2ft 6").

Suitable for all ages. Instruction leaflet for construction is supplied.

You may wish to purchase extra living willow rods to make your kits unique to you.

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