Starter Pack 2 - Willow and Book

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  • £65.00

* Please be advised that our willow is seasonal and we currently only have Buff or Green willow available at present. The green willow has been freshly cut and is still retaining a lot of moisture, therefore is flexible enough to use without soaking however there may be slight shrinkage when drying so please take this into consideration when weaving your baskets or sculpture work. We are also able to supply 6ft Brown Black Maul willow should this be suitable.

Starting to weave kit; you will receive:

  • 10 kilos of basketry willow (this could be brown/green and buff or just buff according to what is available) and ranging from 4ft to 6ft in length.
  • Willow Craft Book on Basketmaking Techniques
  • Soaking Bag - 10" Large (2.5m long) 

Please put in your Customer notes if you want either only buff or some brown included.

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