Coracle Making 2 Day Course

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* Price is per pair

Making 1 coracle between a pair of students. If you dont have a partner please give us a call.

Join us for an INTERESTING, REWARDING & PRODUCTIVE 2 DAYS. Have FUN, learn NEW SKILLS, MAKE and TAKE HOME your own BEAUTIFUL, TRADITIONAL & STRONG little boat. It will fit in your car or on your roof rack and you can enjoy it on ponds, lakes and rivers.

Coracles are possibly our earliest boats. There is evidence that in every part of the world some sort of keel-less vessel has been made of local materials – usually a framework of wood with an animal hide cover. At one time coracles were widely used in in all parts of the British Isles and Ireland and each river had its own design according to available materials and local customs.

The coracle you will be making at this workshop is a version of the Irish Boyne coracle – a willow frame and waterproofed calico cover, big enough to carry one person and easily carried, yet simple to make and requiring only a few hand tools.

This coracle was the only wicker boat still in use in Ireland in the 20th century. It was used on the River Boyne in Co. Meath until the 1940’s when the netting of salmon was made illegal.

You will also have the opportunity to try out a coracle on water and practise the paddling technique!

What to bring: weather-appropriate clothing. The first day has to be out of doors.

A change of clothes on the second day – just in case you get wet whilst having a go!

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