How to make a Christmas Wreath

To make a 12” (30cm) diameter and 2” (4cm) depth Willow Wreath/Hoop we would recommend using 7ft Brown or Green Willow. Brown (dry) Willow will need 7 days soaking to make it pliable enough to weave. Green fresh cut willow can be used straight away, but will shrink a little as it dries making your wreath a little loose.

You will need approx 10-15 rods per wreath depending on your style of making. Some people might opt to use 6ft willow as it is a little easier to handle but you will need more rods to make the same thickness of wreath.

  • 1kg 7ft Brown Willow £ 3.60 approx. 40 rods = 3-4 wreaths
  • 1kg 7ft Green Willow £ 3.60 approx. 20 rods = 1-2 wreaths

See our soaking leaflet for advice on soaking willow.

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